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        1. 深圳展厅设计公司-展台设计搭建-展会设计制作-展览设计-深圳柏世星展览展示有限公司

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                   近年来,柏世星人凭借着(BE DIFFERENT)的创新理念和精湛的制作工艺、迅速发展成为颇具规模的专业的会展企业。如今的柏世星服务范围已从单一型走向多元化,建立起了以深圳为中心,面向全球各地的展会服务网络.并多次在香港、台湾、北京、上海、广州等地以及在新加坡、德国、美国、迪拜等展会上成功布展,并多次荣获大奖,深受参展商和主办机构的好评!



          Shenzhen postar Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition hall, brand planning activities, museums, stores and other engineering design, production of integrated enterprise, the company assembled a group of young professional designers and high-quality technology, production and sales staff. Compliance --- the effect is the only criterion. Pursue efficient and quality engineering principles to achieve the perfect combination of design and construction. With the rapid development of the exhibition industry, corporate brand awareness increased, with the high level par with international counterparts, to create a more secure and efficient service team, the company registered owner of assessment (RSE license, registered safety engineer certificate) is currently the rare double cards complete exhibition company, is the top ten brands of Shenzhen exhibition industry. 

          In recent years, postar who by virtue of (BE DIFFERENT) innovative ideas and exquisite craftsmanship, quickly developed into a full-scale professional exhibition companies. Today's World Star Parker range of services from a single type to diversify, established in Shenzhen as the center for exhibition service network worldwide., And several times in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places as well as in Singapore, Germany, the United States, Dubai and other successful exhibit at the show, and won numerous awards, praised by exhibitors and organizers! 

          Company under the Ministry, customer service, design, engineering, art department, QC and safety of 4,000 square meters independent production plants, improve customer service and professional construction team is important to our domestic and international customer service guarantee. Into seeking excellence, postar  who is self-dedication. Provide perfect service, postar who is sincere commitment to customers. postar who along with excellent friendly, thoughtful and meticulous, like a passion, Bing Chengbai Yang spirit, for you to open a broad market, to help you brand to the next level. 


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